Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes

Do you have a crock pot hidden away somewhere in your kitchen collecting dust? You probably thought that the crock pot was just for making soups or stews.

Well guess what, you can make delicious meals that your family will love with less effort using a crock pot.

If your life is as busy as mine, you know that there are many times when you just don't feel like cooking a dinner in the evening. So your family either ends up eating fast food more than they should or you throw together a meal that is less than tasty. I needed a solution to this problem and I found it with the crock pot. One day I dug out my old crock pot and started searching for dinners I could make for the family. I was surprised to find not only great and tasty main dishes, but desserts and side dishes that you can make with ease. You can prepare the basis for your meal in the morning when you are feeling ambitious and then when you come home from work all you need to do is prepare a side dish and you will have a great meal for the family enjoy.

After discovering how much time and money I was saving using my crock pot, I thought, Wow! There are a lot of people that could benefit from using their crock pot to it's full potential, so I gathered up all the recipes that I had found and posted all of them in this Blog. Tasty main dishes, side dishes and even deserts that can be prepared in your crock pot. How would you like to come home this evening to a dinner of Chinese Pepper Steak? Or how about Autumn Pork Chops, Jambalaya, or Fiesta Chicken? Maybe a Beef Casserole or Ham and Scalloped Potatoes would satisfy the taste buds. Whatever your family's tastes, you're sure to find a crock pot recipe to help you make the perfect meal.

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Bon Appetite!

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